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" The mind is the athlete, the body simply the means it uses to run faster, hit further, or box better "                                              
                                   Bryce Coutenay
...and you could add make better passes, steals, shots, and more, many more goals....


4/03/05  vs Classic                         


Boy am I glad there is a website where I can post my notes without having to utter a word, cuz mah voice is gone...what an effort damnit! Way to f*%&#*n'  GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Vini ...vidi....vici......DUWSC.....watta SHOW!

I wanna express my deepest gratitude to everyone that was there today :  the fans, the staff, and especially the players every single one , including the ones that perhaps think they could've used some extra playing time or any playing time at all for that matter, in other words everyone, for showing up, supporting the team from beginning to end, cheering, and I could go on forever,  for putting on the best SHOW>>>Definitely the strongest showing ever; it was truly a pleasure to see such good soccer....thanks for being a team!!!!!

I'll see you guys out @ practice. 


Look for the doors that open in front of you, and forget about the doors that closed behind.

Don't focus on the darkness of the temporary cloud that looms in front and obscures the way; look instead for the silver lining, the brightness of the future ahead of you.


-The whole/TEAM is greater than the total sum of its individual parts/PLAYERS.

-All events are affected by the actions, thoughts, and feelings of the observers, participants, and experiencers.